About Us

Event Kitchens LLC is a Charleston, SC based hospitality company that primarily focuses on providing specific solutions to the event industry. Event Kitchens is the leader in providing quality, reliable, safe and efficient commercial cooking equipment to the event industry.  Our main clients are independent companies, caterers, event coordinators, local governments and festivals. 

We believe our role, while small compared to the rest of the event, is one of the most important. We are hired for one reason, and one reason only: the food needs to be hot! We understand how vital our business and equipment is to making your event a success. 

In order to provide the best service, we have a rental inventory of 9 Convection Ovens, 12 -- 35lb fryers, 4 -- Six Burner Ranges, 5 Electric Warming Cabinets, an Oyster Steamer, Two Griddles, and various kitchen accessories to make you feel right at home in the kitchen! 





Event Kitchens - 262 A Stefan Dr, Charleston, SC - 843.276.7351